Niall Ransome

Eastlake Productions, Bunker Theatre 

London, 2017  

Director: Niall Ransome

Lighting Designer: Jess Bernberg

Composer: Peter Wilson

Producer: Jamie Eastlake

Photographer: Andreas Lambis

In the UK, is estimated that 100,000 children run away from home each year, and that there are currently 700,000 young carers. FCUK'D is a one man show exploring these issues through verse and movement and was part of Hull City of Culture 2017 - read more in writer and director Niall Ransome's piece for The Big Issue

"A mention must go to Grace Venning’s flawless set...for a play and venue of this size, Venning and Bernberg’s [lighting] respective designs leave a mark" – A Younger Theatre

"Grace Venning's set, with its street lights and painted basketball court, constantly reminding us of Boy's childishness and urban upbringing" – What's On Stage

"Mytum prowls around Grace Venning’s rectangular set like a caged animal, barking, biting and howling"– The Stage

"Grace Venning’s set design reflects youth and decay" –Reviews Hub

"the set by Grace Venning captures the harsh urban environment of Boy and Matty’s world" – Theatre Things


© Grace Venning

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