Devised by the company from David Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Chicago

Woohoo Debbie, Katzpace 

London, 2018  

Director: Matt Strachan

Lighting, Projection and Sound Design: Daniel Spreadborough

Projection Visuals: Gemma Mitchell

Photographer: Gemma Mitchell

"Grace Venning’s simple but effective set design...worked well for the swift, episodic nature of the play, providing structure while blending in without distracting"– Spy in the Stalls


"Grace Venning has designed Gaps with bursts of colour, from floating balloons through to vivd chairs. Paired with Gemma Mitchell’s graphic design projected on the back wall, the visuals add the pace of London to this production" - A Scatter of Opinion

"The staging was simple but effective. One of the things that made the staging in Gaps even more exciting was the use of mixed media" – London Pub Theatres

"...a totally relatable and terrifyingly accurate show, which makes you laugh but also fill you with despair – Show Me Shows

© Grace Venning

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