i will still be whole (when you rip me in half)

Ava Wong Davies

Bunker Theatre, 2019 - in a double bill with Before I Was a Bear

Director: Helen Morley

Lighting Designer: Ben Kulvichit

Sound Designer: Jordan Rice

Producer: Emily Davis

Photographer: Fran Cattaneo

"Grace Venning’s design is carefully sympathetic to the simplicity of the play’s concept. a scar of dark green ivy running up the grey wall, a stone block, a hidden table."



 " gets to the dark heart of the ties that bind like the vines that curl through an overgrown garden.

Like ivy, this is a play that clings"

Lyn Gardner for Stagedoor


"The set, designed by Grace Venning, unites the two characters visually – even before they meet – through a tree branch both of them see from the window of the bedroom they have consecutively lived in."

★★★★ - The Spy in the Stalls 

"...lyrical and moving play about mothers, daughters and identity that rewards deep engagement"

★★★★ - The Stage

"The set design by Grace Venning is just so simplistic that it complements the performance rather than be the centre piece [...] This in itself is a beautiful, visual masterpiece."

★★★★ -  Within Her Words

© Grace Venning

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