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In My Lungs the Ocean Swells

Natasha Kaeda

The Cavern, VAULT festival, 2020

Director: Tash Hyman

Lighting Designer: Joe Price

Sound Designer: Annie May Fletcher

Producer: Maya Ellis at No More Superheroes

Photographer: Ollie Bryant


"Tash Hyman’s direction flows gently around Natasha Kaeda’s poetic script, looping over a giant sheet of oceanic tarpaulin and on top of chunky picnic baskets [...] it’s a lovely piece; you just want to wade in it"

The Guardian


"Indeed, the design of this show proves the phrase ‘less is more’ to be especially true. Every object and piece of set in this show has a significance and a purpose, filling the play space with subtle yet clear symbolism. This is a show that creates both powerful visuals and emotional impacts.."

★★★★1/2 -  Within Her Words


"Grace Venning’s simple and effective set is augmented by atmospheric lighting, designed by Joe Price"

★★★★ - The Spy in the Stalls 


"Tash Hyman’s production makes as good a use of the unforgiving Cavern as I’ve seen, in evoking a real sense of atmosphere with fellow creatives Grace Venning (designer), Joe Price (lighting) and Annie May Fletcher (sound)"

There Ought to be Clowns


"A blue tarpaulin. Plastic crates. The stuff of seafarers.

The dampness in the underground air acquires a salty tang.

The high brick walls crag themselves into cliffs embracing a beach.

The sea suddenly feels close.

We are sat around in the half-dark, waiting for something to happen, the tide to come in at dusk.

Then the blueness is unfurled and the waves are lapping at our toes."

The Play's the Thing

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