La Bohème

Giacomo Puccini

Clonter Opera

Cheshire, 2018  

Director: Harry Fehr

Lighting Designer: Petr Vocka 

Photographer: Pauline Neild

"In many ways it’s one of the best productions [Clonter] has done. The set strikes you as soon as you sit down – Grace Venning’s design of a garret for the starving artistic young men of the title may be largely a collection of junk, but it’s striking and evocative. And there’s a concept behind the junk, too" - Manchester Theatre Awards

"...Rodolf, now a middle-aged, married father, making a wistful return to the attic of his salad days just before its demolition. Complementing this concept, the designer Grace Venning's permanent set lined the stage with the kind of furniture you might expect in a house-clearance dealer's store room""[a] successful evocation of nostalgia" - Opera Magazine 


by artist in residence Jack Thompson

© Grace Venning

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