George Frideric Handel

Richard Burton Theatre, Cardiff and Mid Wales Opera tour, 2017  

Director: Martin Constantine

Choreographer: Jennifer Fletcher

Lighting Designer: Sam Smith

Photographer: Matthew Williams-Ellis

“And there were names to watch…Blaise Malaba (Somnus) made an impression, as did the designer Grace Venning” – The Times

“…an invigorating - sometimes quirkily comic - cautionary tale for the social media age. Neon zigzags frame a (post-truth?) world in which visual artworks blur with kitsch; Arcadia is a rave, and Juno and Jupiter cult leaders … the craving for immortality revealed as addiction to self - and selfie” – The Independent

“…a FaceTime opera where it is less deus ex machina than deus est machina" – The Guardian

“Full credit for her role in this to designer Grace Venning ... she has an assured eye and her sets in particular are clean and sleek, bridging with style the transitions between heaven and earth required in the opera” “Grace Venning’s set for this ... is simple but utterly brilliant” – Wales Arts Review

“This very young, fresh, imaginative and entertaining show … Grace Venning’s flexible, imaginative sets” – Art Scene in Wales

© Grace Venning

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